Grande Cache

I did 620 km. I stayed at Paul’s. We met at the fuel station, he had two motorcycles in the back of his car, and the third one is in the showroom 🙂 The fires in Canada are huge, some routes are closed.


It was so beautiful it was hard to move along as too many moments wanted to keep in my head as a memories so I would stop often and just stare! I stayed with Sandy, who also rides a motorcycles, and I saw three hummingbirds! I saw many sunrises sailing around the world but the …

MONTANA Czytaj więcej..


Yesterday I spent the night in Buffalo, Wyoming and drove only 270 km, but on a beautiful road in the mountains with many turns. I’m in Cody, near Yellowstone National Park, and I’m going to Montana – I have 360 ​​km to do today.