Ustka my home

As I no longer work as a navigation officer, but repair wind turbines, I drove through Szczecin on my motorcycle on the way back from work. First, I visited sailing legend Wojtek Jacobson, who gave me his biography, beautifully published by Kazimierz Robak. Later, I went to meet Karolina Sawka, who, due to the fact that she was under the care of Mrs. Anna Dymna’s foundation „NEVERTHELESS” and thanks to the support of many people (for which I am grateful to them!), she visited me during a cruise around the world on Coconut Islands (you can see it on ). Today, Karolina is a psychologist, strongly committed to helping others. From that meeting, I rushed to see Ukrainian kids, who set out on an 8-day cruise on 12 yachts. The cruise is organized by Maciej Krzeptowski for the grant he won at the travelers’ meetings „Kolosy” in Gdynia. Maciej is looking for additional support to teach kids sailing – it would be great if you can help (contact Maciej:,

What happened next? Then there were many kilometers ahead of me, so after driving in the rain and with loud music in my helmet (not to fall asleep from fatigue), I reached my friend’s house at 2am. She was to leave the keys to my temporary apartment in the glove compartment of her open car. I did find the keys, but they had a strange key ring. I thought to myself: “I don’t remember what my keys looked like, because I haven’t lived there for a long time and I haven’t been there for a long time; well- maybe she attached it ”? So I drove on, carried my heavy bag to the third floor and what? Of course I couldn’t open the door – the keys obviously didn’t match. But what the hell – I will not go to my mother at this time or wake up friends – after all, I’m in Ustka, I already feel like I am home. Fortunately for me, the owners, while renovating the apartment, temporarily put out a mattress for removal. I closed the window in the corridor and fell asleep in a second on this mattress.

Ps. It turns out that some cars have more than one compartment on the passenger side 😊, so in the morning again with this heavy bag down, on the bike, my neighbor, walking with a dog, offers a coffee; a friend from elementary school – did not recognize me in a helmet, but nevertheless waved wishing good way. I love my city …. It’s nice to have somewhere to come back after long trips …

Little later….

Coming back from a meeting with Mayor Jacek Maniszewski, a girl honks at me at the intersection and shows me to stop. She has a ribbon for me which she ties on the handlebars of my bike – for a good luck on my trip. I also visit Adventure, which helps Ukrainian children:  

And since we’re talking about helping. I went to the Jantar Hotel in Ustka to thank Ms. Anna Ćwigoń-Słomkowska who invited and hosted the child – along with his family from the Silesian Hospice for Children Świetlikowo Foundation. To that kind of people is definitely worth coming on vacation! (

Then there was also a meeting with TV Słupsk: ( (17th minute), and with ladies in the bank and men in telecommunications, because they often help me when I am away. I also went to my beloved cinema, and later … Later… probably due to fatigue – I started the motorcycle forgetting to remove the blockade from the wheel … and what? Surprisingly, the photographer had the keys that I needed to solve the problem, and I got a helping hand from a local motorcyclist.

Ps. From now on, I fasten the lock on the front wheel 😊 and I have had it covered with a visible colored tape by my befriended holidaymaker.

Ustka connects people, that’s for sure.